Normani Reveals She Listens to Beyonce When She Needs a Confidence Boost: Watch

During her conversation with Billboard’s Chelsea Briggs at the Billboard Music Awards on Sunday (May 20), Normani shared some words of wisdom for fellow females in the music industry, as well as for any female fans of hers.

“Just focus on who it is that you know that you were called on this earth to be,” she says. “There can be so many people trying to convince you otherwise, especially with how society is set up and us being told constantly that we can't achieve certain things.”

“But just remember your worth,” the singer continues, “and know that you're beautiful, and you have something special to offer. And just stay focused on that 'cause…I get caught in the whirlwind sometimes too, I don't always feel my most confident.”

How does Normani boost her confidence, then? With the help of Beyoncé. “As confident as I might look today I don't wake up like this,” Normani adds with a laugh. “I have to listen to Bey in order to get that.”

Billboard Music Awards 2018