Shawn Mendes Says He Wants to Collab With BTS 'A Thousand Percent' at Billboard Music Awards

Shawn Mendes caught up with Billboard’s Chelsea Briggs on the red carpet at the Billboard Music Awards on Sunday (May 20) to chat about joining Taylor Swift on stage during her Reputation tour, working with Khalid, his love of BTS and his forthcoming album.

Mendes, who once served as an opening act to Taylor Swift on tour, made a surprise appearance on stage with her Friday night during a Los Angeles show. “I remember, we got there at soundcheck and it was like the middle of the day and I got on that stage and it was like a really crazy feeling to remember playing there with an acoustic guitar as the opening act and to be coming back to be a special guest,” he says. “It’s very, very insane when that happens…it’s those moments when you’re like whoa, this is what’s going on right now, you know?”

He also talks about “Youth,” his recent collaboration with Khalid, which he will be performing during the Sunday night awards show ceremony. “It’s just a very encompassing feeling of the feeling after all these tragic, horrific events,” he says of the message behind the track. “I think it speaks a thousand words and I’m really proud of it and I’m proud to be doing it tonight.”

In the interview, Mendes also discusses his love of BTS, telling Billboard,  “I love them so much. I saw a video of them singing ‘In My Blood’ – it was so good.”

Asked if he wants to collaborate with the K-pop phenomenon, he replies, “A thousand percent. I just need to find the time to do it…I think that when I watched them perform the first time, I was the most blown away I’ve ever been in my whole life. It’s crazy.”

The “Lost in Japan” singer also opens up about his forthcoming album, which will be released on May 25. “It’s the most honest album,” he states. “I think I really spent time not lying to myself and just writing exactly how I was feeling instead of dancing around the topics. I’m just nervous cause there’s stuff that I tried that is different from my music in the past and I’m nervous that people might not like it, but if they do, then that’s awesome…I think as a person I’ve changed so much since my last album so the music, obviously, is gonna change with it.”

You can watch the full interview with Shawn Mendes above.

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