Darren Criss Details Upcoming Tour With Lea Michele: 'It's a Lot of Songs We've Always Wanted to Do'

Darren Criss is still relishing in his first appearance at the Billboard Music Awards Sunday (May 20), but soon, his focus will be on his co-headlining tour with Lea Michele. The former costars will be hitting the road together on the LM/DC Tour, which will take them through much of the East Coast and Midwest beginning May 30.

"I do more rock venues, so this is more performing arts center-y kind of vibes," Criss told Billboard on the BBMAs red carpet. "There are showers at the venue! We’re moving on up!"

Criss briefly summarized his history with Michele. Aside from Glee, the pair both got their start in musical theater. "We share some history with Glee and with Broadway, and she has some solo records and I have some solo records," Criss detailed. "So [the tour] will be a chance for us to kind of do all those things, especially in places we’ve never been before, which is the most exciting part to me."

The singer, whose latest EP Homework was released last December, couldn't reveal too many secrets about what to expect from the tour's shows, but it seems an exciting set list is in store for attendees.

"The tour is a lot of songs that we’ve always wanted to do, or that we did do on Glee but have never performed live, so I’m excited," Criss explained.

Aside from his array of musical endeavors, Criss has also garnered some awards buzz for his portrayal of spree killer Andrew Cunanan in FX's true crime anthology The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story. However, the actor is evidently remaining humble.

"I'm just thrilled that people watch it," Criss gushed. "That somebody watched something you did is big enough...It that sense, you already feel like you’ve won a victory of sorts."