Taylor Swift's 'Bad Blood' Video: 15 Things We Need To Talk About Right Now

Taylor Swift Bad Blood

Taylor Swift in the video for "Bad Blood."

Band aids may not fix bullet holes, but Taylor Swift's latest video, for 1989 track "Bad Blood," showed that sometimes, friends make the best enemies. 

In a star-studded video for the track, Swift regulars such as Selena Gomez, Lena Dunham, and -- in the largest non-Swift role, Kendrick Lamar -- all appeared as various alter egos out to do a little damage. Playing like a high-octane scene from a summer blockbuster, the ambitious video was a new look for Swift, and naturally, we've got a ton of questions and thoughts upon our first few viewings.

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1. We begin in a corporate office. Is this the same Women Out For Revenge (But Only During Office Hours) workspace that Britney Spears was running through in her "Womanizer" video?

2. Actually, there were several nods to the Spears video oeuvre. Another example? Taylor's red hair with flames behind her just like a red-headed Britney Spears rocking out in the "Toxic" video. (Not surprisingly, "Bad Blood" director Joseph Kahn is responsible for many of Spears' most iconic videos.)

3. It's been stated that Swift is ruling pop culture so completely in a way that hasn't been seen since Spears' early 2000 hold. Swift's work with "Bad Blood" director Joseph Kahn seems to point to her accession of the pop title. 

4. HOLD UP. Is Taylor Swift a Mad Men fan? Is she watching the finale later? Taylor, tweet your predictions!

5. "All my life I got money and power/ and you got to live with the bad blood now." Is Lamar quoting his own "Backseat Freestyle" here? 

6. Related: Can we please just take a moment to enjoy the fact Swift is using her substantial power to push Lamar -- clearly already famous in his own right -- to a whole new level of celebrity? The fact that the two seem to get a genuine kick out of each other (check chilling side by side in a futuristic getaway car) is such an unexpected treat. 

7. SPEAKING OF, how do we think the conversations for participation in this video went? Obviously, everyone wants to be in a TSwift production, but how did that play out?
Taylor: I want you to be in my new video.
Selena: Love it. So are we going to be frolicking on the beach, or dancing in a car, or...?
Taylor: We're going to be international badasses and I'm going to take each one of you on at once.
Selena: I'm there.

8. Taylor's hair game briefly channeled the most badass of them all: Katniss Everdeen. 

9. Speaking of superheros and powers, how did they decide who got do what? Did Selena demand to push (via makeup) Taylor out of a building? Did Cara Delevingne just really want to shoot something? Does Karlie Kloss secretly box in her off hours? 

10. Hear me out, Hollywood: A Freaky Friday remake between two friends. Consider it!

11. That thing where you fall out of a building but your hair game is still flawless. 

12. Started from the bottom now we here?

13. Coming this fall to NBC. 

14. All those cameos, and yet not even a split second of an evil cat played by Olivia Benson??? 

15. Her squad > your squad.

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