Watch Chrissy Teigen Challenge Ludacris to Perform on 'Lip Sync Battle': Video

Billboard Music Awards host Chrissy Teigen
Miller Mobley

Billboard Music Awards host Chrissy Teigen photographed at Milk Studios in New York City on May 5, 2015.

Billboard Music Awards co-hosts (and new best friends) Ludacris and Chrissy Teigen sat down during their recent Billboard cover shoot to talk about an apparently controversial topic: participating in Lip Sync Battle.

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"Rappers don't lip sync," Luda said defiantly when Teigen asked him if he would consider appearing on the Spike TV show she co-hosts with LL Cool J. After she pointed out all the rappers who had already hit the stage on the surprise hit show (Salt-N-Pepa, Common), he amended his earlier statement: "You will not see me lip syncing -- it's just something I don't do." It's not all said and done yet though -- Teigen added, "I'm gonna have LL call you."