The Weeknd Commands a Fleet of Cars for 'Save Your Tears' Performance at 2021 Billboard Music Awards

The Weeknd traded his red jacket for a fleet of red convertibles during his performance of "Save Your Tears" at the 2021 Billboard Music Awards.

Performing from an empty parking lot in the sprawl of downtown Los Angeles, The Weeknd started the performance by riding out the top of the leading cherry red drop-top, beauty queen style, with six more of the same cars trailing him. These rides were followed by six white vintage Mercedes driving in perfect unison.

The man born Abel Tesfaye then abandoned his vehicle, strutting through the parking lot in a suit, a long black jacket and aviators. Four white semis then entered the frame behind, with the massive trucks providing a moment of suspense when came within feet of Tesfaye when passing him on either side.

These semis were followed by the rest of the previous cars, rolling up in two straight lines, with each pair peeling off in opposite directions just in time to avoid hitting the man of the hour. An aerial shot then caught all of the vehicles circling The Weeknd as the camera panned further and further away and he hit the hit song's high note.

The Weeknd was one of the most nominated artists of the evening, having already picked up the award for Top 100 Artist. Earlier in the night he expressed his gratitude in no longer having to wear the red jacket that was his signature throughout the After Hours album cycle performances and also hinted that a new album is on the way.

Watch the performance:

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