Lady Gaga Inspires Fans With 'Iconic' Face Masks at VMAs

One face mask wasn't enough for Lady Gaga at the 2020 MTV Video Music Awards.

The pop star practiced safe socializing with her attendance at this year's VMAs, and kept things interesting with face mask changes. Her looks included, but were not limited to, a full-head face shield, a pink muzzle and a mask with tusks. Gaga and her "Rain On Me" duet partner Ariana Grande even performed while wearing masks. "Be kind. Mask up. Be brave," Gaga said during her set.

"I was wearing face shields before it was a thing," she quipped on Twitter Sunday night (Aug. 30).

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"Lady Gaga said wear a damn mask but make it fancy," one fan tweeted.

"Face mask but make it Gaga," said another fan.

"It’s funny how the gas mask is just so Gaga that it’s not even unusual even if it wasn’t 2020 and I love it," another commented, while others threw out compliments like "iconic" and "I lowkey want Gaga's mask."

Others made points like "if Gaga can perform with a mask on I'm sure as hell y'all can wear a mask to the grocery store."

Check out some of the supportive reactions below.