Chrissy Metz Delivers Moving Rendition of 'Breakthrough' Song 'I'm Standing With You' at 2020 Oscars

Chrissy Metz made her Oscars debut on Sunday night (Feb. 9) in breathtaking fashion, performing best original song nominee "I'm Standing With You" from the actress' 2019 drama Breakthrough.  

Metz belted out the song from the center of the stage in a floor-length black dress with a glittering cape, accompanied by a chorus who stood on a diagonal platform behind her. After finishing her final note, Metz made sure to cap off her first Oscars appearance in a touching way: "I love you mom," she said.

The camera then panned over to Diane Warren, who wrote the song (earning her 11th Academy Award nomination) and was clearly very approving of Metz's moving performance. Warren told E! News before the show that she was just as stunned by Metz's delivery upon hearing her on the track.

“I was blown away," she recalled, then admitting, "I didn’t want her originally for the song. I wanted a more established artist, I didn’t realize she could sing... When I heard her on the song, [I was just] blown away. Just totally blown away. She was amazing.”

Watch a clip of Metz's performance of "I'm Standing With You" at the 2020 Oscars above.

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