Lewis Capaldi Says He Almost Didn't Put 'Someone You Loved' on His Album

Lewis Capaldi caught up with Billboard on the red carpet at the 2020 Grammy Awards, chatting about where he thinks he’s headed following the massive success of his song “Someone You Loved” and how it feels to know that so many people have connected with his music.

Asked why he jokes about being a one-hit wonder, Capaldi replies that he thinks his career is going to go downhill from here. “Listen, we had a good year,” he explains. “Right now, song's doing well, great. But after that, then the work starts to dry up, the phone doesn't ring, I'm alone in my apartment and with my dog, who hates me. He's 15 years old, his name's Paddy. And yeah, I foresee my career being a tailspin shortly after this, yes.”

Considering how many people have connected to the song "Someone You Loved," however, Capaldi does appreciate that it has gotten the response it has.

“I almost never put that song on the album, which would have been a disaster,” he reveals. “My album would have been a failure had it not been for that song. Yeah, I don't know why that one's connected, but I'm very glad that it has, that one…If you've heard that song, you kinda get a gist of what my music is: sad. Basically, imagine Adele, and she's a guy, and she's not as talented, and that's me. Do you know what I mean?”

You can watch the full video interview above.

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