Jameela Jamil & James Blake Praise Taylor Swift For Calling Out 'Double Standards' in Music Industry

James Blake and Jameela Jamil spoke with Billboard on the red carpet at the 2020 Grammy Awards, where they discussed which changes they would like to see in the music industry, why they were moved by Taylor Swift’s recent Women in Music speech, and which artist James Blake would love to work with.

After Taylor Swift gave an empowering speech at Billboard’s Women in Music event last month, where she accepted the Woman of the Decade award, James Blake tweeted about the importance of the pop star's speech and the imbalance in music. Asked which changes he still hopes to see in the music industry going forward, he notes that he would like to see more women in studios.

“I hope to see more female engineers. I hope to see more female producers coming up,” he says. “Just generally studio life is an incredibly male environment, traditionally, and I've noticed that being in the industry…I mean, it's happening very, very slowly, but it is super slow.”

Jamil adds that there are “ridiculous double standards” for men and women in this industry, and that she admired Taylor Swift for speaking up.

“I think that it's really great that she spoke out and called these double standards out, which she's done continuously over the last couple of years,” Jamil says. “I think we both are in support of any woman who speaks out about injustice in this industry or anywhere in the world, really.”

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In another clip, Blake is asked if there are any artists he’d still like to collaborate with, to which he names Finneas. He does add, however, that whenever he works with other artists, the pairings always happen naturally and he doesn’t seek them out.

“Also, you've already just worked with André 3000,” adds Jamil. “He's worked with André 3000, JAY-Z, and Beyoncé. He's done. Any more would just be greedy!”