Jameela Jamil Praises Beyoncé, Rihanna & Lizzo, Calls For More Representation in Music

Backstage at Billboard’s 2019 Women in Music event, Jameela Jamil shared some words of wisdom, honored some important female musicians who have impacted her life, and discussed which changes she still hopes to see in the music industry.

Asked what advice she might give to women who are struggling to find their self-worth, Jamil told Billboard that women need to listen to what they tell themselves in their head, and that if it’s something they would never repeat to a woman they love, then they should not say those things to themselves.

In the interview, Jamil also praised Beyoncé, Rihanna, and Lizzo for representing the music industry -- and for making great music.

“They were the first people that I saw who represented different things that this industry desperately needed,” Jamil said. “I love them a lot and they make great music and they are brilliant.”

Speaking of representation in the industry, Jamil also emphasized the importance of having more diversity within it. “We need more disability representation in music and in the entertainment industry in general, and also we need more women behind the camera, and in the recording studios, and in the technician roles,” she said, noting that when she enters those rooms, they are like “sausage fests.”

“As we've seen with people like Missy Elliott, women are more than capable of making incredible music,” she continued. “Not just being the artist, but also being incredible behind the scenes, and so we need more women in every area of the music industry. We need more diversity in general, but I believe in our power to change.”

You can watch the full video interview with Jameela Jamil above, and watch her presenting Taylor Swift with the Woman of the Decade award below.

Jameela Jamil Presents Taylor Swift With Woman of the Decade Award | Women In Music 2019

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