Billie Eilish Discusses Her Love for Alicia Keys & Says She'd Be Open to Another Justin Bieber Collaboration

Billie Eilish caught up with Billboard’s Chelsea Briggs and Lele Pons on the red carpet at Billboard’s Women in Music event on Thursday (Dec. 12), chatting about her Woman of the Year honor, the importance of family and what she enjoys most about performing with her brother, her love of Alicia Keys, and whether or not fans can expect another Justin Bieber collaboration in the future.

Asked how it feels to be named Woman of the Year on the cusp of turning 18, Eilish tells Billboard, “It feels really surreal. I’ve been watching the acceptance speeches for this award for years, idolizing these women in the past and it’s really insane. My life is crazy.”

She also discusses the importance of family and what she likes most about getting to perform with her brother Finneas. “It’s really solid [working with Finneas] and we’ve been best friends for basically our entire lives,” she says. “It just works…I love my mom, I love my dad. They come on the road with me. It’s cool.”

Eilish is next asked about her recent performance of her song “Ocean Eyes” with Alicia Keys on The Late Late Show, which prompts her to recall just how much of a fan of hers she was growing up. Eilish notes that when she was younger, she didn’t have an iPhone, and instead had an iPod that didn’t have access to Spotify or Apple Music.

“The only way I could listen to music was off of YouTube, and I couldn’t get YouTube because I had an iPod, so I got this app, where you could listen to stuff, because you could download videos off YouTube,” she says. “And I downloaded the video of her ‘Girl on Fire’ and I’d watch that over and over…and I have it burned into my brain.”

Asked if fans can expect a collaboration from Eilish and Keys, the singer responds, “I just wanna respect her as she is. I mean, obviously, I would die and pee my pants if we could do something together, but I wanna be friends.”

On the subject of collaborations, Eilish is also asked if she has any plans to work with Justin Bieber again, to which she responds, “If he wants to. But, I love you, Bieber.”

You can check out the full video interview above, and watch Eilish’s acceptance speech below.

Billie Eilish Accepts Woman of the Year Award | Women In Music 2019

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