Diplo Teases a 'Big Country Record' Collaboration With a 'Big Secret Artist'

Diplo caught up with Billboard’s Tetris Kelly on the red carpet at the 2019 American Music Awards on Sunday, chatting about new collaborations, his most memorable Billboard moment, and what advice he would give to a new musical artist.

Asked if he has any exciting new collaborations in the works, Diplo tells Billboard that he has “a bunch” of country stuff coming out, including a “big record” with Thomas Rhett. He also teases another collaboration with a “big secret artist” he can’t talk about yet.

Pushed to give a hint, he replies, “They’re not that country, but it's a big country record.”

Diplo is also asked what his most memorable Billboard moment has been so far, and he names the time when he landed his first magazine cover. “They profiled me when I was working with M.I.A. and doing the Major Lazer projects,” he says.

As for what advice he would give to his younger self, Diplo replies with a laugh, “I kinda did my thing pretty well.”

When it comes to giving advice to younger artists, he emphasizes the importance of being creative and surrounding yourself with a team of people you love, you trust, and that works well together.

“The music industry, everybody's trying to put each other down,” he adds. “If someone knows something, they keep it to themselves, but I feel like if y'all work together, we're all gonna grow. As far as songwriters, as far as publishers, producers, we all deserve better, so I feel like if we work together as a team, it's better.”

You can check out the full video above.

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