Paula Abdul Talks Performing at BBMAs, Calls BTS 'Phenomenal': Watch

Paula Abdul stopped to chat with Billboard’s Chelsea Briggs on the red carpet at the 2019 Billboard Music Awards on Wednesday (May 1), chatting about performing at the awards show, what fans can expect from her Vegas residency and what she’s a fan of BTS.

Speaking of closing out the BBMAs with a performance, Abdul tells Billboard, “I’m really excited. I haven’t performed on an awards show since when I opened up the American Music Awards, which was 29 years ago, so I’ve been having some talks with my body, like, feet don’t fail me now. Legs, hold it together. Core strength, all of that.”

Asked which songs bring back the most memories for her, she names a handful of them, including “Straight Up,” because she says it took people by surprise. “The next thing you know, I was performing on so many different shows,” she says. “It was a very very surreal time. It was like my career was a bullet train and I was trying to catch up to it.”

Abdul then discusses her upcoming Vegas recidency, explaining that this is the perfect time for it. “I’ve always wanted to perform in Vegas,” she says. “I’ve toured and hit Vegas, but to be here and have fans come in to see me, and the fact that it’s just like a second home to me because I’ve worked with so many other artists helping launch their residencies, and so I’m pinching myself.”

Finally, Abdul is asked what she thinks about BTS’ choreography, being a dancer herself, to which she replies, “BTS is phenomenal. They have great style…they have fun. It’s exciting to watch them!”

You can watch the full video above.

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