7 Things You Didn't See on TV at the 2019 iHeartRadio Music Awards

The iHeartRadio Music Awards kicked off on March 14 at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles. The star-studded event was packed with musical legends and newcomers alike, all who were eager to spend the evening celebrating and recognizing musical accomplishments.   


But, not every moment of the celebrity-filled event was captured on camera. Billboard was there on the carpet and in the audience, and has more details about what went down behind the scenes at the award show.   

Here are seven things you weren’t able to see on TV during the 2019 iHeart Radio Music Awards.

1. Halsey Blew Kisses to her Fans Before her Performance

Fans were in for a treat as Halsey made her way to the iHeart stage to open up the show. Fans instantly spotted her cotton candy pink hair as she walked up the steps of the stage, and some fans yelled in unison, “We love you Halsey!” Halsey heard the chant and decided to reciprocate the love by blowing multiple kisses their way.

She then went on to perform her hit song “Without Me,” and then transitioned into her most recent single “11 Minutes,” with Yungblud and Travis Barker. The performance was nothing short of amazing.

2. Kasey Musgraves Used a Giant Ladder to Reach Her Giant Rainbow

The rainbow Kasey Musgraves sat on during her entire performance was taller and heavier than it looks. During the commercial break, it took about 6 people to wheel in Musgraves’ giant glowing rainbow prop in for her performance. She also had to use a tall ladder to reach the top of it, to which she situated herself and sat pretty in the corner of the rainbow, and it’s no coincidence that she sang the song, “Rainbow,” from her Golden Hour album. Coldplay’s Chris Martin was also part of the performance, and played the piano alongside the rainbow prop.

3. The Blue Monster from Fox’s Masked Singer Made a Surprise Appearance

Viewers at home did not get a chance to see the legendary blue monster make its way to the stage for a quick performance of T-Pain’s “Blame it.” But, the monster was just dancing, not singing, along to the track so nobody actually knows if it was T-Pain inside the costume, or someone else. But, T-Pain was nowhere in sight so... it very well could have been. Either way, the crowd was happy and cheering for the monster.

4. Alicia Keys Shared an Intimate Moment with her son, Egypt, on Stage

During Alicia Keys’ performance of “How to Raise a Man,” she invited her son, Egypt, on stage with her. It was a beautiful family affair as Egypt joined her and played the piano alongside his mother. During the conclusion of the song, as Alicia encouraged the audience to sway their arms, Egypt hit his meanest floss dance on stage. What fans didn’t see on camera however, was Egypt’s face after he walked off stage -- he was gushing with joy and was definitely proud to share that moment with his talented mom.

5. Taylor Swift Made a New Friend in the Audience

During Alicia Keys’ Innovator Award acceptance speech, a sweet interaction between Taylor Swift and Alicia Keys’ four-year-old son Genesis may have kindled a new friendship. In fact, while accepting her award, Alicia joked, “I think my son Genesis is maybe trying to take Taylor out later tonight. He’s working on it not sure how it’s gonna go but it looks pretty good right now!” Off-camera, Taylor was then seen playfully waving at Genesis, who was staring at her all night long. The moment was captured below.

6. One Fan Really Connected with Halsey’s Empowering Speech

Halsey was honored with the 2019 L'Oréal Paris fangirls award and gave an emotional, empowering speech. The audience was all ears and seemed touched listening to Halsey discuss being a fangirl herself. "In a time where it is so necessary to have feeling and to have empathy, so when I see a fangirl or a fanboy or a fan-anyone I see a person who is capable of feeling and capable of affecting change and that means a lot to me. So, thank you,” Halsey said as she concluded her speech. As she walked off stage, she waved and reached out to some of her fans who were screaming and cheering for her. One fan in particular grabbed her arm and looked her directly in the eyes. The fan appeared to be having a brief intimate moment with her, with Halsey nodding her head and smiling back at the fan. She then ran off stage as the floor crew motioned that it was time to exit and set up the next set.

7. Chris Pratt Was Surprised to be Dragged onto Stage with Garth Brooks

Garth Brooks received the artist of the decade award and closed the show performing a mix of some of his classics. After Guardians of the Galaxy star Chris Pratt introduced him, Pratt walked off to the side of the stage to enjoy a front-row view of the performance. He appeared to be enjoying the show from the sidelines when Garth pulled him from the corner and had him sing along to “Friends in Low Places." Chris looked completely taken by surprise and did not expect to be pulled onto Garth’s performance.