Everything BTS Talked About on the 2017 AMAs Red Carpet, From Emojis to Camila Cabello's 'Havana'

If the frenzy leading up to BTS’ historic appearance at the American Music Awards on Sunday (Nov. 19) was any indication, it was inevitable that the red carpet would turn into the septet’s very own press junket.

ARMYs mobilized on social media to ensure that interviewers asked the boys questions that went deeper than their fast food preferences -- and it seems that their calls were heeded for the most part.

For fans looking for a quick and easy reference, Billboard has conveniently compiled a roundup of all the notable interviews with BTS on the red carpet. Check them out below. 

E! Live from the Red Carpet

The boys talked emojis, with RM revealing that the vomit emoji is his favorite. Meanwhile, Suga promoted BTS’s own emojis. Then the D-Boy revealed that he loves everything about America.


Billboard’s own Chelsea Briggs caught up with BTS to talk about their UNICEF campaign. “We always search for love, right?” RM said. “By the campaign, reminding the world, love yourselves so people could love themselves more.” When asked about a dream collaborator, the boys unanimously picked Zedd, following their Twitter exchange about teaming up. Then they sung a bit of Camila Cabello’s “Havana.”

J-14 Magazine

J-14’s Liam McEwan hit up the members to talk about why love is such an important message for the group. “We feel like there’s too [much] hate and bad things going on all over the world, not just in Korea,” said RM. “So I think love is key for the ... reintegration of all society.”  

The interviewer then asked about how the groups Love Myself campaign with UNICEF happened. “We actually needed a partner to make this all happen,” RM said. “We needed some serious partner to do all of this. And if we wanted to do this, we wanted to make this a real big thing.”

Entertainment Tonight!

Entertainment Tonight!’s Keltie Knight asked BTS about their girlfriends. “We’ve got ARMYs,” RM responded. “We’ve got like thousands of girlfriends today in here.” Other important revelations: Suga is a bad boy, Jin is most likely to mess up the choreography and V is most likely to be late for rehearsals.

Knight later caught up with the septet after their performance to find out what it was like to make history as the first Korean group to perform at the AMAs. “Thanks for our ARMYs,” Jin said. Then RM added his two cents: “We cannot forget it for our [lives].”

Access Hollywood

Access Hollywood’s Scott Evans brought a subject dear to ARMYs: BTS’s UNICEF campaign to end violence. “We were writing music about the real young people’s lives [in] 2013,” RM said. “Since we’re talking about the young people, ending violence and knowing how to love yourself is kind of an important thing.”

And when the BTS members informed that Niall Horan from One Direction was impressed by their practice performance, they were stroked. “They’re like the best boy band in the world,” RM said.

The entertainment news outlet later ran into the boys backstage following their performance. When Evans asked if they were nervous, Jimin said he was “even nervous right now.” Then V followed up in English with “every day, nervous.” Evans touched on how ARMYs were crying in the audience and Jin observed that tear don’t just come from anywhere. “Music really transcends languages and it means so much,” RM said.

2017 AMAs