Normani & Cardi B Are Suspended in Silk Ribbons in Stunning New Photo

Normani ft. Cardi B "Wild Side"
cardi-b, normani

Normani ft. Cardi B "Wild Side"

Cardi B can finally say she got her true birthday wish. On Tuesday (Oct. 12), a fan tweeted at Cardi to show her the birthday message that Normani posted to Instagram. "Happy birthday angel. Love you!!!!!" Normani wrote, reposting a nude photo of Cardi to her Instagram Stories.

Cardi had a better suggestion for what Normani could do to show her extra birthday love. "Is she really wanna wish me a very happy birthday she would release them bomb a-- pictures we took in all white," the rapper replied to the fan on Twitter.

The former Fifth Harmony member heard Cardi loud and clear and released a photo from the shoot, which featured the two women gracefully suspended in silk ribbons, matching white outfits and double braided hairstyles. "Say I wouldn't lol," Normani replied to Cardi's post, which racked up over 10,000 Retweets.

The 29-year-old thanked the "Wild Side" singer in a separate tweet for helping her out at her birthday over the weekend when the party proved to be too much for her to handle. "Last night I was a bit disappointed in myself. I had a slight headache & took 3 shots of tequila on a empty stomach Every time I danced felt like I was gonna faint. STRUGGLING," Cardi wrote. "Thank god my girls held me down! Hennessy, Spice, Megan, Normani & Shensea! Baby I couldn’t hang."

Cardi and Normani's friendship extends to music, too -- the rapper featured on Normani's most recent single, "Wild Side." The slow-burning R&B track hit the No. 14 spot on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, and soared to the No. 1 spot on the R&B/Hip-Hop Digital Song Sales chart.

See Normani and Cardi's posts below.