Teen Hailey Mia Impresses With Power and Range on ‘The Voice’ Audition: Watch

Hailey Mia performs on "The Voice".

Hailey Mia is only 13, but she appears to have the music world at her feet.

The New Jersey teen made an immediate impact during the blind auditions Monday night (Sept. 27) on The Voice.

Performing Tate McRae's power-ballad “You Broke Me First,” she got the attention of Kelly Clarkson, whose mic picked up her whisper, “good song.”

Clarkson turned first. Then Ariana Grande.

“I’ve been waiting ‘till I turned 13 to be on this show,” Mia explained afterwards. “And I’m so so honored to be here.”

Clarkson was gobsmacked “Holy moly,” she enthused. “To be this young, and have that kind of gift, job well done,” she said.
Those gifts, Clarkson continued, include control and power.

“I think you’re a phenomenal singer,” Grande added. “And I could tell that you were young, but I didn’t think this young.”

Mia was then forced to make a mature decision.

Watch what happens below.