Britney Spears Reveals Why She's Sharing NSFW Photos of Herself

Britney Spears had a lot on her mind, and she shared in a lengthy Instagram post that went up on Monday (Aug. 16). What she didn't have, though, is much on her body.

In an introspective caption that described her sometimes conflicted feelings about showing skin on stage, Spears dove into why she chose to strip down to expose the truth behind the veil.

"No guys ... I didn’t get a boob job in just a week ... nor am I pregnant ... I have boobs in these pics cause I devoured food !!!!" Spears said in the caption next to the seven snaps in which she wears red boots and white bikini bottoms while covering her exposed breasts with her hands and a rose.

"Before I show you more pics of my body … I want you to understand my thoughts on exposing my skin !!!! In my opinion it’s quite twisted the immediate response of when any woman is hot and they want to shed a layer," she continued, noting that she wasn't talking about a strip club or a concert, but the more practical situation of being in your car and realizing that you're wearing a "stupid long-sleeve shirt" in the middle of the summer.

"The immediate reaction to any woman who does this after shedding a layer is D--- I FEEL BETTER … therefore you think you look better !!!" she wrote, noting that she's had a "billion shows" where she's done that and "to my horror uhh we'll... sometimes I didn't look so great... TOO MANY TIMES and it's embarrassing as f--- but in my imagination it felt great!!!!"

Spears, who is in the midst of a very public battle to be freed from a 13-year conservatorship that has reportedly kept her in a very restricted personal and professional lane, made the post about body awareness, but the subtext to her thoughts were barely beneath the surface.

"I mean I don’t want anybody to see the big dimple on my a-- but I feel like performing made me too self conscious about my body and that’s not attractive," said the singer, who has spent most of her life on stage and in videos wearing body-hugging outfits. "Anyways I bet you’re wondering why I’d expose my body NOW … well it’s because I was born into this world naked and I honestly feel like the weight of the would has been on my shoulders and it’s made me view myself that way !!!!" she said.

"I wanted to see myself in a lighter way … naked … like the way I was born and to me looking back at my pictures when I shoot it’s insane the psychology in seeing myself in my purest form gives evidence that pain … hurt … tears … and heavy burdens aren’t who I am. I am a woman …. a beautiful … sensitive woman who needs to look at myself in my purest form !!!"

In yet another nod to the ever-expanding global movement that has helped get the 39-year-old singer a few steps away from being out of the conservatorship, Spears once again mentioned her #FreeBritney nation of fans and thanked them for their undying support.

"And I will admit the FREE BRITNEY comments after I took my shirt off were actually really f---ing funny !!! The Free Britney campaign started with all your amazing pink Free Britney shirts 3 years ago !!! There’s a way deeper meaning to the movement than you can ever imagine," she said.

The pics came just a few days after Spears danced in a lacy bodysuit to Prince and the New Power Generation's "Sexy MF." That video post followed the news that her dad, Jamie Spears, has agreed to step away from his role as conservator of her estate weeks after the star's new legal team filed a petition to remove him and replace him with a CPA.

Check out Britney's post below.