Mariah Carey's 'Precious' Acceptance Speech: Drunk, Or Just Weird?

Associated Press
Mariah Carey delivers a bizarre acceptance speech at the Palm Springs International Film Awards (video still).

Normally the Golden Globes are the go-to awards show for head-scratching, (possibly) drunken acceptance speeches, but Mariah Carey provided the goods about a week early at last night's Palm Springs International Film Festival awards, where she won Breakthrough Actress for her turn as a social worker in "Precious."

"I have to say...this is....and please forgive me because I'm a little bit, um...yeah!" Carey starts out, implying that she may have had a little too much bubbly to drink before her acceptance speech. Judging by "Precious" director Lee Daniels' face, even he can't quite believe what he's witnessing.

"I'm very grateful," Carey finally ends before leaving the stage. "I thank you all for listening to my little spiel, and, um, God bless you."

No, God bless you, Mariah.

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