Sade Smolders In 'Soldier Of Love' Music Video

Sade Adu in the music video for "Soldier of Love"

"Soldier of Love" is Sade's first album in ten years (and only the sixth of its 25 year career), and appropriately, Sade Adu and her bandmates have returned with a bang. The music video for "Solider of Love," which just premiered over at Amazon, is replete with images of of mysterious dancing commandos, swirling red smoke and racing clouds overhead.

Sade first appears in the big-budget clip stern-faced and wearing black snakeskin, but eventually she emerges in a softer incarnation, as a sequined, rodeo-esque heroine riding a white stallion. The fiery explosions and desert backdrop are a fitting visual for the track's march-like cadence, and the video itself just builds more anticipation for "Solder of Love" the album, due in just a few weeks on Feb. 8.

Sade Unveils 'Soldier' Album In New York

Sade Returning With 'Soldier Of Love'

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