Chamillionaire "Venom" Album Preview

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Jonathan Mannion

Chamillionaire, "Venom" (Chamillitary)
Release Date: February 2, 2010

Like the color-shifting species of lizard his name derives from, Chamillionaire's third studio album, "Venom," has gone through "a lot of changes" since it was originally conceived. "Creeping Solo," a track that was released in 2009 and initially slated to be the album's first single, will no longer be included. "I wanted it to be a part of the album, but then [the album] started changing so now it won't make much sense," the Texas rapper says. Tracks that will make the final cut include "Naked Lady," produced by and featuring the late Pimp C; "Menace to Society," which finds Chamillionaire venting "and giving my opinion"; and "Shoulda Coulda Woulda," produced by Kane Beatz. Jim Jonsin, Beat Bullies, Frank E, Happy P and DJ Montay also contributed beats for the album. "The production on this album is a lot better than previous albums," Chamillionaire says. "I took my time and was real critical."

Video Below: Music video for "Good Morning," The first single off "Venom."