Allison Moorer "Crows" Album Preview

AUSTRALIA - NOVEMBER 08: Photo of Allison MOORER; performing live onstage

Allison Moorer, "Crows" (Rykodisc)
Release Date: February 9, 2010

After exploring mostly covers on 2008's "Mockingbird," Allison Moorer decided to take wing and fly in some new creative directions on her Feb. 9 release, "Crows." "I've never been that concerned with fitting in anywhere, and I've always been sort of a square peg in whatever hole anybody would put me in," says Moorer, who wrote and played most of the songs on piano. "This time I just said I'm going to do what I want to do and let this be as me as I want to." "Crows" was produced by R.S. Field, who also played drums and wrote one song. Joe McMahon, a one-time member of Moore's road band, played guitar, while Brad Jones played bass and Chris Carmichael handled string arrangements. The album-a sophisticated, intricate, pop-flavored outing marked by delicate dynamics-was recorded at House of David in Nashville, where Moorer made "The Duel" in 1994.