Jack's Mannequin Album Preview

James Minchin
Jack's Mannequin

Jack's Mannequin, Title TBD (Sire)
Release Date: TBD

You can probably expect a third studio album from Jack's Mannequin to surface later this year, but group founder Andrew McMahon is just now in "the initial stages" of working on a follow-up to 2008's "The Glass Passenger." Early indications, however, are that the new songs will take on a "broader scope," moving away from his battle with leukemia to touch on other subjects and issues. "Obviously for me the big thing is just pushing past the experiences of the past several years," McMahon says. "It will probably have a bit of freeness-I don't want to say carefree, but just sort of an inherent, relaxed approach, which is kind of exciting as far as getting a little distance from 'Passenger.' I think, obviously, the relationship thing will constantly pop up; that's always a pretty relevant part of my life." He'll also be playing with his previous band, Something Corporate, which will celebrate its 10th anniversary at the Bamboozle Left Festival, but there aren't any plans for the group to hit the studio again.