Daddy Yankee "Daddy Yankee Mundial" Album Preview

Daddy Yankee

Daddy Yankee, "Daddy Yankee Mundial" (El Cartel/Sony)
Release Date: mid-March

Reggaetón star Daddy Yankee (real name Raymond Ayala) says he didn't write the single "Grito Mundial" (World Shout) thinking specifically about the 2010 World Cup. But the celebratory track, loaded with trumpets and whistles, definitely sounds like a sports anthem. It's the first single off an album that veers from introspective hip-hop to more danceable beats and is being produced by the production team of Los de la Nassa, which also record on Yankee's label El Cartel. For his new studio set, Yankee has turned to distribution from Sony and has already paired up with key brands. In late 2009, Coors Light sponsored a series of private events throughout the United States to launch "Grito Mundial." A video is slated for release in January.