Britney Spears Reveals Dreams of an Island Vacation — and Cher Offers to Make It Happen

Britney Spears
Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

Britney Spears attends the 2016 MTV Video Music Awards at Madison Square Garden on Aug. 28, 2016 in New York City. 

Britney Spears' latest dance video finds the singer with a lot on her mind, including an island getaway. In the midst of her ongoing conservatorship battle, the singer shared another one of her athletic routines, gyrating and swiveling her hips to the strains of Foster the People's 2011 hit "Pumped Up Kicks."

And while she had a lot on her mind, the lengthy message she posted Thursday (July 22) alongside the clip ended with her dream vacation. "Maybe I'll just be nice and plant here and keep my dreams alive by thinking about visiting St. Tropez with @cher and eating ice cream," she wrote. "She was one of my favorite singers as a kid and I loved to dress up as her."

Well, Cher had something to say about that, responding in a tweet with the #FreeBritney hashtag: "When #FreeBritney is FINALLY FREE, I'm Taking her to San Tropez & We'll Eat Ice Cream To Her Hearts Content."

The kind words from Cher were just the latest show of support from the Britney Nation and the singer's cadre of superstar supporters, and it came as Spears mused about who she can trust these days, and also revealed her Sex and the City-level shoe crisis.

"So what do you guys do to keep your dreams alive ???? Just curious cause at this point I'm not sure it's a good idea to listen to advice from some people," Spears wrote. It was an allusion to her publicly stated opposition to staying under the restrictive 13-year conservatorship that she has claimed is keeping her from living her life to the fullest personally and professionally.

Spears also said she realized this week that all of her tennis shoes are gone, which is a problem since she likes to dance for at least three hours most days, and doing it in anything but athletic shoes hurts her feet. After discovering that all of her shoes were old, Brit said she ordered a bunch of new ones, which it turns out, were too big.

"So when I woke up yesterday and remembered I had none I pulled a Carrie Bradshaw and ordered a bunch of new shoes online !!!!" she wrote, referencing Sarah Jessica Parker's Sex and the City shoe-obsessed character. "My assistants HUMBLING APPROACH why don’t you just see what you can find in your closet DID NOT WORK ANYMORE .." Her takeaway from this minor crisis was that she is "not gonna stop" buying tennis shoes or heels "ever."

But more importantly, the star -- who seems to be eager to take more control of her personal affairs -- added, "I'm not gonna settle and considering the other day I said I feel like I'm just getting here ... THAT'S AN UNDERSTATEMENT !!!! It's been a while since I drove alone and well let's just say it's a DIFFERENT BALLGAME cause I’m not sure this stadium is gonna be anywhere near America !!!!"

Watch Spears' dance video and Cher's response: