PETA Protests Vanilla Ice and Jesse McCartney Shows at SeaWorld San Antonio

Jesse McCartney
Theo Wargo/Getty Images

Jesse McCartney performs at PlayStation Theater on Jan. 21, 2019 in New York City.

Animal rights organization PETA issued a statement on Thursday (July 8) condemning upcoming scheduled concerts by Vanilla Ice (July 10) and Jesse McCartney (July 17) at the SeaWorld in San Antonio.

According to the release, protesters armed with signs that read "Stop, Collaborate, and Listen: Animals Suffer at SeaWorld” and “A Beautiful Soul Doesn’t Support SeaWorld Dolphin Abuse” plan to protest the shows by the performers at what PETA calls an "abusement" park.

“Vanilla Ice and Jesse McCartney can choose to perform at a marine park, but the orcas and other dolphins at SeaWorld can’t choose where to go, what to eat, whom to live with, or anything else that matters to them,” said PETA President Ingrid Newkirk in the statement. “PETA is encouraging would-be ticket buyers to skip all of SeaWorld’s shows, from the sad dolphin displays to the throwback concerts.”

At press time spokespeople for Sea World San Antonio, as well as Ice (born Robert Van Winkle), 53, and McCartney, 34, had not responded to requests for comment.

According to PETA, in nature, orcas and other dolphins "swim long distances, form complex relationships, and choose their own mates. But those at SeaWorld are crammed together in small tanks, where they can’t escape attacks from other frustrated, aggressive animals."