'Pants On The Ground' Takes 'American Idol' By Storm

General Larry Pratt performs "Pants on the Ground" on "American Idol" during auditions in Atlanta, Georgia.

Sure, General Larry Pratt is 62 years old, which is over twice the age limit to audition for "American Idol." But when you see the Atlanta native do his original song, "Pants on the Ground," in this video, it's pretty easy to see why he was given the chance to show his stuff to Randy, Kara, Simon and guest judge Mary J. Blige, who showed more life when Pratt performed than she had all night.

"Pants on the Ground" is the best "American Idol" audition so far this season -- with all due respect to upstart talents like Vanessa Wolfe, Jermaine Sellers and Katie Stevens -- and anyone who watched last night's episode in its entirety knows that "Skii Bo Ski" and guitar/insect girl should be ashamed that they couldn't come up with a gimmick this good.

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