Marco Di Mauro: Artists To Watch 2010


Marco Di Mauro snagged a recording deal the old fashioned way: He showed up at Warner's offices in Miami with his guitar and performed one of his songs. Last year, Di Mauro's eponymous album of romantic pop fare was released in Mexico and has already spent seven weeks in that country's top 100 sales chart, peaking at No. 26. Di Mauro, who is half-Italian and half-Spanish and has lived in Italy, Spain and Latin America, is a traditional balladeer with melodic Italian flair.

Listen to Marco di Mauro's "Nada de Nada"

Bolstered by a series of live performances and by success of his single, "Nada de Nada," WEA Latina, Warner's U.S. Latin label, is hoping to further solidify Di Mauro in Mexico, where he's currently living, before releasing his music here. "In Mexico, his development has been slow but absolutely solid, and it's still happening," Warner VP of marketing Angel Kaminsky says. Di Mauro's album will likely be released stateside in late spring.