Justin Bieber Gives Fans A Peek At New Single 'Baby'

Justin Bieber gives an acoustic preview of his new single "Baby" featuring Ludacris.

Teen pop sensation Justin Bieber is at it again: the 15-year-old "My World" singer posted a YouTube video of an acoustic performance of his forthcoming single, "Baby."

As Bieber announces in the clip's sidebar, the final track will feature Ludacris and be released Jan. 18 on iTunes. "Spread the word and let's help make it my first ever #1 on ITUNES!!," he exclaims on the site.

The video depicts the loveable lyricist on a couch beside a guitarist, and Bieber delivers his characteristically clean vocals with conviction: "My first love broke my heart for the first time / and I'm like, 'baby, baby, baby, no!' I thought you'd always be mine."

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