Prince Pens 'Purple And Gold' Song For Minnesota Vikings

Everyone knows Prince is a basketball fan thanks to Dave Chappelle, but no one really knew of the Purple One's penchant for pigskin until today's unveiling of "Purple And Gold," which he wrote in honor of NFL football team the Minnesota Vikings.

"Praise every voice and let it be known, in the name of the purple and gold," starts the exalted anthem. "We come in the name of the purple and gold, all of the odds are in our favor…long live the purple and gold!"

Ok, so it's no "Little Red Corvette." It came from the heart, though, and isn't that what counts most?

On a related note, the Vikings created their own music moment earlier in the week after their win over the Dallas Cowboys. Quarterback Brett Favre and his teammates started shouting the lyrics to "Pants on the Ground" while celebrating their victory, and Favre even turned his cap sideways for good measure.

We'll root for the Vikings to go all the way to the Super Bowl if it means a chance to see them perform this number with General Larry Platt himself.

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