Billboard Bits: Eddie Vedder, Animal Colllective, Muse And More

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Pearl Jam lead singer Eddie Vedder has released his stirring rendition of Bruce Springsteen's "My City of Ruins" as a digital single, with the proceeds to benefit the Haitian relief efforts. The live performance was a highlight of last month's Kennedy Center Honors in Washington, D.C., where Springsteen was among the honorees.


British rock trio Muse are planning a record and release a live DVD, but they're looking to Nirvana as an inspiration. Speaking to BBC's Radio 6, bassist Chris Wolstenholme said, "We'd like to something a little bit more along the lines of a touring documentary as opposed to just a live gig this time. Something a little bit more like Nirvana's 'Live! Tonight! Sold Out!.' I think that was one of the best tour documentaries I've ever watched; just life on the road and what it's like."


Dizzee Rascal went a little bonkers during a press outing in Australia for the Big Day Out tour. The U.K. rap star lost it on a reporter, calling her a "b---h" before storming off to his trailer. According to the, he journalist took it in stride but the rapper did not: he refused to leave his trailer until being assured that the videotape of the incident was destroyed.


Animal Collective, the critically acclaimed psychedelic rock band that topped many 2009 critics polls, is branching out into movies. The band made its Sundance Film Festival debut yesterday with "ODDSAC," a self-styled video album the group made with director Danny Perez. According to Rolling Stone, following the Sundance screenings, the film will play for one night only in New York City on Mar. 2 and Chicago on Mar. 17.

(Compiled by David J. Prince)