Erica Rhodes Whips 'American Idol' Into A Frenzy

Erica Rhodes auditions for "American Idol."

Erica Rhodes is no General Larry Platt, but the 23-year-old Texan certainly found a special way to stand out at her "American Idol" audition, which aired on Wednesday night.

Rhodes, who appeared on "Barney & Friends" as a young girl and is now determined to show how much she's matured, broke out a whip, patent leather clothes and bondage boots to perform En Vogue's "Free Your Mind" -- not a bad choice, considering that song's S&M-influenced music video.

"I want people to know that Barney kids grow up," said Rhodes. Guest judge Neil Patrick Harris was ready with a snappy follow-up: " be dirty little girls!"

Not every judge saw the obvious humor in Rhodes' gimmick. "It's really rare that someone comes in here and they're like, 'I'm just gonna do my thing and here I am, and here it comes,'" Kara DioGuardi actually, truly said. "I really like that about you, you have great presence."

Before you could say "purple dinosaur," Erica Rhodes was sent to Hollywood. Now all that remains to seen is whether she really has the chops to cut it in Round 2, or if Whip Girl will become the Bikini Girl of Season 9. Our money's on the latter.

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