Lil Wayne Starts Twitter Account

Lil Wayne arrives in court for weapon charges at the New York State Supreme Court on December 15, 2009 in New York City.

Lil Wayne is scheduled to be sentenced for weapon charges next Tuesday, but on the eve of his possible year-long incarceration, the pint-sized rapper started a twitter page to keep his fans up to date.

"im super new to this twitter shit but wudup tho !..........follow me biot¢h..........wudup mak......happy bday LO......8 days of freedom..ym," the rapper's first tweet read via the twitter name liltunechi -- a verified account.

At press time there were only a handful of tweets, but he'd only been at it for 35 hours. Within moments, however, artists like Trey Songz were among the thousands of users who were asking for Weezy to follow them.

"Aye... and get at da homie. Wayne @liltunechi He got twitter for 8days b4 he go innnnn!!!! FOLLOW," Songz tweeted by way of his account, @SongzYuuup.

The rapper also announced his Twitter account was live via a Ustream session on Young Money artist Lil Twist's site, where Weezy also took the opportunity to show off the product of his recent dental surgery -- surgery which delayed his original sentencing court date earlier this month. "Yeah, I got the bottom grill out for right now" Wayne said via the stream, who removed his lower diamond-encrusted grill. "That's why I'm not showing y'all too much."

Via the live stream Wayne also revealed that he and "Twist did a song last night, ladies, for Tha Carter IV album. When I tell you it's crazy - man! Man!" he said. Wayne then went on to reveal some of the lyrics from the unnamed track. "She a monster, but I'm a beast, though/ Take her clothes off, with my teeth, though."

Previously, Wayne said goodbye to his fans via a streaming video.

Wayne's two most recent tweets came 11 hours ago and 21 hours ago, respectively, and read, "hello future, goodbye now, im on my way to the past...." and "aint it funny how love finds you in your darkest place...?"