Sublime Settles On New Band Name, Plots Tour

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Sublime with Rome

With three gigs under its belt and the controversy over its name settled, Sublime With Rome -- the new incarnation of Sublime -- will hit the road this spring and summer.

The trio, which features the founding rhythm section of drummer Bud Gaugh and bassist Eric Wilson with singer-guitarist Rome Ramirez, kicks things off April 20 at the Palladium in Los Angeles. Six of what Gaugh tells will be about a dozen North American dates have been announced, while the group will play some European dates in May and return home for a full-scale summer tour, starting in late May or early June.

Pre-sales for the tour -- which marks Gaugh and Wilson's first foray under the Sublime name in 14 years, since the death of Bradley Nowell -- begin March 2. The Dirty Heads, whose single, "Lay Me Down," was co-written by Rome, will open.

"I can't wait to get this show on the road," Gaugh says. "Rome has got a great personality and a good vibe, and he's really humble and a real fun person to be around -- and a great musician. Once we got things together and things were working out good, we were like, 'Alright, yeah! Let's go!' "

There was a legal stumbling block in getting the group off the ground, though. After Gaugh, Wilson and Rome played a couple of shows -- including Cypress Hill's Smokeout Festival in October -- as Sublime, Nowell's family and estate sued and was granted an injunction against them using the name. But all parties have since agreed to the Sublime with Rome moniker, and the group has established a separate Web site,

And, Gaugh says, there are no hard feelings.

"It was never really an issue of 'You can't' or 'We won't let you' or 'We're gonna, no matter what you say,' " Gaugh explains. "It was more, 'How is this gonna be done? How are we gonna put it together respectfully and...represent the old and the new."

Gaugh says Sublime with Rome will definitely generate new music. The trio wrote three new songs when it first started playing together in February of 2009 -- including one, "Panic," that it's performed at all three shows it's done so far. "We're gonna continue working on material as we're on the road," the drummer says. "It's not without question to have a studio in one of the buses while we're on tour. We do a lot of our best creativity on stage, so we'll be trying out new stuff for the fans, even before we go into the studio."

Here are Sublime with Rome's announced tour dates so far:

Apr. 20: Los Angeles, Calif. (The Palladium)

Apr. 23: Oakland, Calif. (Fox Theatre)

Apr. 26: Denver, Col. (The Fillmore)

Apr. 28: Chicago, Ill. (The Riviera Theatre)

May 1: New York, N.Y. (Roseland Ballroom)

May 5: Philadelphia, Pa. (Electric Factory)