Gucci Mane, "Lemonade"

Despite a string of cameos on other artists' hits, Gucci Mane has yet to produce a blockbuster single of his own-one that can elevate him from a fairly known rapper to the star his supporters already figure him for. Surprisingly, the unorthodox "Lemonade" may succeed where more radio-friendly singles like "Wasted" and "Spotlight" did not. Produced by Bangladesh, the beat-maker behind Lil Wayne's "A Milli," "Lemonade" showcases Mane's strongest suit: his flare for colorful metaphors. (The song's title refers to his fixation on everything yellow.) However, like "A Milli," which was co-opted by countless mixtape rappers, it's the song's unique beat that makes "Lemonade" sing. A Hall & Oates-esque piano melody provides immediately satisfying ear candy, while rumbling bass drops give it that Dirty South kick. The hook, sung by what sounds like a demented children's chorus, adds even more flavor to an already rich stew. -Jesse Serwer