Noel Gallagher Describes On-Stage Attack

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OASISYear of Eligibility: 2019

In a victim's impact statement read in Toronto court, former Oasis guitarist Noel Gallagher said he felt he had been "hit by a bus" when pushed from behind at the Virgin Music Festival in 2008.

Gallagher's statement was read at a hearing for David Sullivan, 48, from Pickering, Ont., who has pleaded guilty to causing bodily harm when he sneaked backstage at the Toronto music festival and pushed Gallagher into monitors while the band was performing. Initial reports has suggested Gallagher might attend the hearing and give his statement in person, but that turned out not to be the case.

Gallagher suffered three broken and dislodged ribs, which was apparently the result of the push and not the fall. Oasis was forced to cancel numerous shows while Gallagher recovered.

Gallagher added that he had several months of "extreme pain," and still has lingering effects from the assault.

Sullivan faces six to eight months in jail and a reported $2 million lawsuit ($1.94 million U.S.) civil suit because of his actions. Sullivan's lawyer argued for a conditional sentence on the charge, while the crown attorney in the case has said Sullivan's drunkenness wasn't an excuse for his actions.