Amy Grant, "Somewhere Down the Road"

Some are new, some are classics, and some are previously unreleased gems, but all of the songs on Amy Grant's latest release, "Somewhere Down the Road," weave together into a beautiful musical tapestry. Grant, who first emerged as a teenage artist, is one of an elite group of artists to have scored No. 1 hits in each of the past three decades. "Somewhere Down the Road" boasts six new tracks, among them the gorgeous first single "Better Than a Hallelujah," the achingly poignant ballad "Unafraid" and "Overnight," an engaging duet with her 17-year-old daughter Sarah Chapman, a wonderfully gifted vocalist in her own right. "Third World Woman" is a raw, emotionally riveting exploration of the vast chasm between poverty and privilege, while "Come Into My World" is a previously unreleased cut that's an understated masterpiece of depth and vulnerability. The title track is a Grant classic that provides a perfect centerpiece for this collection of songs about life's journey-and listeners are all the better for her sharing this emotional road map.