Top 10 Moments At Coachella 2010

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Jay Z and Beyonce perform at Coachella, April 16, 2010.

More than 120 bands played at Coachella 2010 over the festival's three days. The lineup was packed with so much non-stop rock, hip-hop and dance goodness, it was impossible to experience all the music the Polo Field's five stages had to offer -- but we sure as hell tried. After all the dust settled, here's the 10 bands that had to be seen.

9. Matt & Kim

(Sunday, Mojave tent, 4:25PM)


8. Muse

(Saturday, Coachella main stage, 9:35PM)

Many consider

7. Gossip

(Saturday, Mojave tent, 5:40 PM)

Along with

6. Vampire Weekend

(Friday, Outdoor Theater, 9:55PM)

5. Hot Chip

(Saturday, Outdoor Theater, 7:35 PM)

As the sun set on Saturday, the plush grass around the outdoor theater turned into a massive dancefloor as British electronic band

4. Fever Ray

(Friday, Mojave tent, 11:10PM)

While Hova was dropping platinum hits on the main stage, Sweden's

3. Gorillaz

(Sunday, Coachella main stage, 10:30PM)

In the past, Damon Albarn has hidden in the shadows when performing live with his

2. Jay-Z

(Friday, Coachella main stage, 10:50PM)

On Friday night, Coachella was

1. Phoenix

(Sunday, Outdoor Theater, 7:10PM)

Phoenix almost didn't make it to Coachella. The cloud of Icelandinc volcanic ash that prevented the Cribs, Bad Lieutenant, Gary Numan and more European acts from reaching Indio, California nearly grounded the French foursome as well. It did, however, divert the band's lighting tech -- so instead of the flashy visual spectacle they had planned, Phoenix performed in front of simple white lights and kept it "about the music." And from the very first notes, it was apparent that the music would be enough. The crowd fed on nothing but Phoenix's effortless melodies, air-tight grooves and refined showmanship, resulting in the most energetic and unforgettable set of the weekend. Coachella 2010 may have had bigger, brighter and louder bands on its bill, but at the end of the three days, Phoenix's set was the one not to be missed.

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