Crystal Bowersox 'Never Intended' to Quit 'Idol'

crystal bowersox on american idol

Crystal Bowersox is shooting down reports that she nearly quit "American Idol" despite being the favorite to win season nine, saying, "I never intended on quitting. None of that [was true]."

Bowersox spoke with E! News about the report, which first surfaced last week and appeared to be confirmed by Ryan Seacrest. According to the "American Idol" host, a homesick Bowersox expressed her doubts about remaining on the show in a private conversation about three weeks ago. "The greatest thing I ever did was make enough money so I could buy my mom a house," Seacrest recalled telling Bowersox. "You can buy your mom a house."

Bowersox countered that she and Seacrest "had a conversation, but it definitely didn't go down the way that it has been portrayed as. We had a simple, civil conversation...We just bumped into each other and had a good talk."

In an interview with Star 102.5 earlier this week, top 24 contestant and Bowersox pal Katelyn Epperly said, "I texted [Crystal] the second that I heard about it...she was like, 'Oh yes, I'm fine...betrayed by Seacrest.'"

According to E!, though, Bowersox only had kind words for Seacrest. "Ryan gave me great advice. And I highly respect him. I am not mad at Ryan Seacrest. He is a great man."

In Epperly's account, the 24-year-old "Idol" hopeful and single mother "apparently had a moment backstage where she was just missing her kid. She just really wanted to see her little boy and sometimes it really gets to her, and I think she probably just had a moment and they probably made it to be something that it wasn't...She's still in the game. She's just a mom, you know?"

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Bowersox is widely believed to be this year's strongest "Idol" contestant in a talent pool that's considerably weaker than those of seasons past. Her odds continued to rise during "Idol Gives Back" week after her celebrated rendition of the Impressions' "People Get Ready," which marked her first time singing without an instrument on the show.