Welcome to the Neighborhood Charts


Our weekly Hot 100 charts keep you up to date on the biggest songs in the country - but what tunes are you really hot on? To answer that, we present the BILLBOARD NEIGHBORHOOD CHARTS: a real-time chart that's personalized just for you.

The NEIGHBORHOOD CHART is a Top 10 list that's updated every time you or your followers (or even your followers' followers) "favorite" a song. The more songs you "favorite," the more often your NEIGHBORHOOD CHART will change.

Here's how to get started:

1. Sign up to become a Billboard.com member (it's free!) Click the "Join Billboard" link at the top of any Billboard.com page.

2. Start following people! After you sign in, click on the "Find People" button at the top of any Billboard.com page.

3. "Favorite" songs you like. Just click the heart button next to any song on our charts or song pages.

4. Check out your NEIGHBORHOOD CHART! Go to your profile by clicking your login name at the top of any Billboard.com page, then click on the chart tab.