Devo Announce 'Song Study' Results

Devo Announce 'Song Study' Results

Art rockers Devo today announced the track listing for "Something For Everybody," their first album in 20 years, at a live internet "press conference". The lineup was determined by a "Song Study," in which the band allowed fans to vote on 16 possible tracks at to choose the final 12. The study was part of Devo's consciously ironic ultra-corporate marketing campaign for the new album, which included focus groups, online surveys and periodic "communiques" issued by "COO of Devo Inc." Greg Scholl. "Something For Everybody" is due June 15 from Warner.

Scholl and "Jacob," Devo's Scandanavian "Focus Group Facilitator and Research Analyst," presented the press conference in front of a nearly empty room (save an elderly lady, a photographer, a groping couple and a man with a bicycle). Scholl directed attention to a television screen, where Devo co-founders Gerald Casale and Mark Mothersbaugh read the final track list from "right here on the back of this stuffed wallaby."

Here is the chosen track listing for "Something For Everybody," in order of fan votes:

1. "Watch Us Work It"
2. "Fresh"
3. "Sumthin'"
4. "Don't Shoot, I'm A Man"
5. "Step Up"
6. "Signal Ready"
7. "What We Do"
8. "Please Baby Please"
9. "Let's Get To It"
10. "Mind Games"
11. "Later is Now"
12. "Human Rocket"

The tracks that didn't make the cut were "Cameo," "No Place Like Home," "March On" and "Knock Boots".