Jonas Brothers Working On New Songs As Summer Tour Begins

Jonas Brothers

As they prepare to hit the road for a 16-week North American tour, the Jonas Brothers are plotting a new group album -- probably for 2011, but don't hold them to that.


"As far as the next Jonas Brothers album, I think we're working on what that's going to sound like, just taking our time and trying to make something great, no matter what that sounds like," youngest brother Nick Jonas told during a conference call with reporters on Wednesday to promote the tour, which kicks off July 27 in Dallas. "Hopefully 2011 is the timeline, but we're not sure just yet, and we're in no rush. We're writing a lot of music but in no rush to release an album in any time period."

Oldest brother Kevin Jonas, meanwhile, predicted that Nick's work with his other band will be one of the new influences on the trio's next batch of new tunes. "Will Nick Jonas and the Administration have an effect? Potentially," Kevin explained. "Nick went on a musical journey with that album Joe and I supported, and we're so proud of that project. His influences and things he put into that may come out in new Jonas Brothers songs. We're taking that journey right now, allowing it to take as much time as is needed for it."

Though the group decided against having a follow-up to 2008's chart-topping "Lines, Vines and Trying Times" ready for the tour -- "I think we felt releasing four albums in three and a half years might be a bit of an overload," Nick said -- fans won't be wanting for new Jonas music. The group will have songs on the soundtrack to the Disney Channel movie "Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam," which comes out Aug. 10 (the film premieres Sept. 3). There will also be a soundtrack for the "JONAS L.A." Disney Channel series -- which launches June 20 -- that will be released July 20.

Nick noted that the brothers did not write material for "Camp Rock 2" since they were on tour at the time the movie was being scripted. "We had some songwriters listen to our music and...write some tunes we feel we would've done anyway," he said. "There's something for everyone -- there's R&B, there's hip-hop and then there's kind of our more pop-rock sound...So many different sounds that I think will really attract people to the film. We're excited for the fans to hear it this summer.

The trio was more involved in the "JONAS L.A." songs, meanwhile, although Joe said they're also something of a departure for the group, saying there's "a kind of a 'Flight of the Conchords' feel" to the material.

The three Jonases said they're currently putting together the set list for the tour and will include not only "Camp Rock 2" co-star (and Joe's girlfriend) Demi Lovato but also other cast members from the movie. They're also working on the production and staging to, as Kevin said, "push ourselves to come up with new ideas and new, exciting things." He said a priority this year is "really trying to incorporate video...We have a couple of cool ideas. If we can make them all work for the show, it'd be really cool."

Jonas Brothers activity isn't the only thing on their minds, however. Nick said he hopes to record a second Administration album, while both Joe and Kevin said they'd like to do solo projects, with Joe also expressing an interest in expanding his acting pursuits, possibly to the big screen. But those are taking a back seat for now. "It's just been an amazing year, and we have a lot coming up," said Kevin, whose wife, Danielle, plans to travel with him during the tour. "We're really looking forward to everything that's coming this year."