Drake's Leaked 'Fireworks' Addresses Rihanna Relationship

Drake's Leaked 'Fireworks' Addresses Rihanna Relationship


In the last week, two new songs from Drake's highly-anticipated debut, "Thank Me Later," have leaked on the internet: the hyped track with Jay-Z titled "Light Up" and "Fireworks," featuring Alicia Keys. But The Toronto MC's manager, Al Branch, says they anticipated the leak and are prepared for it with yet another musical video.

"I think honestly it's sad because I know the album's going to leak -- it happens to everyone," Branch, General Manager of Hip-Hop Since 1978 -- the company that manages Drake -- told Billboard earlier this month. "Me knowing that, I'm prepared for it. We prepared the third single with Lil Wayne called 'Miss Me.' Wayne shot his part [of the video before going to jail] and Drake's doing his part in a couple weeks."

A rough draft of "Miss Me" has already leaked -- it was one of the first songs from the album to hit the net a few months ago, although it's been dubbed "All Night Love" by fans. "Shut It Down" also leaked.

As for the latest leaks -- the symbolic "Fireworks" starts with the pop of fireworks as Keys' sings over a piano, "All I see is fireworks, every night is fireworks."

"I took the time on that song and every single verse to be really honest about questions that I never, ever answer," Drake told Billboard.com earlier this month about "Fireworks." "I guess the sort of fear that me and Wayne will be driven apart by the fact that I actively did gain success as an artist, and I always worry that sometimes that might drive a wedge between us, which I pray it never will and which I say in the song. In the second verse, I address the relationship that I'm often questioned about and I duck and dodge questions about it. In the third one, I talk about my parents. So really, it's just one of those songs where to listen to it in a room full of people makes me feel awkward, and that's a good thing to me. I'm really proud of that song."

"And my dreams is who I'm racing with, but you can see I'm pacing it, so that I'm always chasing it / Wayne put me here, that's who I get the paper with / I hope that my success never alters our relationship," Drake raps about his mentor Lil Wayne atop violins and drums.

The second verse finds Drake speaking about his rumored, short-lived rendezvous with pop star Rihanna, rhyming, "I could tell it wasn't love, I just thought you'd fuck with me / who could've predicted Lucky Strikes would have you stuck with me?

"What happened between us that night it always seems to trouble me," he continues. "Now all of a sudden these gossip sites wanna cover me / and you making it seem like it happened that way because of me / but I was curious and I never forget it, baby, what an experience / you could've been the one, but it wasn't that serious."

In the third verse, Drake addresses his parents' divorce and how he hopes to one day find true love for himself.

"Me and my realtor, we built up a better rapport, got my mother in a nice place with some better décor / She searched the entire city, I let her explore / and now she saying she more lonely than ever before," he raps. "I wanna witness love, I never see it close, but I guess I gotta find it first / That's why I'm really going off, fireworks."

"I kept having this reoccurring dream that I was standing in this field by where my uncle used to play golf and coincidentally, where my uncle played golf and where my grandfather is buried are right beside each other," Drake told Billboard.com earlier this month about the track. "I kept having this dream that I was standing in the middle of that field and watching these fireworks go off. For a really long time I was trying to figure out what it all meant, and I guess the conclusion that I came to was, I'm at a very triumphant point in my life. I think I can make a lot of things happen for not only myself but a lot of people around me."

"Light Up" finds Drake promising to never let fame change him, and Jay-Z giving him a few words of advice.

"They always tell me nobody's working as hard as you / And even though I laugh it off, man, it's probably true / Cause while most of my closest friends are partying, I'm just here making all the music that they party to," Drake rhymes in the first verse atop thumps and a daunting, elevating piano.

Then Jay jumps in the second verse, with some words of wisdom. "Drake, here's how they gonna come at you, With silly rap feuds trying to distract you/ In disguise in the form of a favor The Barzini meeting, watch for the traitors/ and I've seen it all done it all, That's why none of these dum dums could done him off."

"Who would've thought I'd be caught in this life, let's celebrate with a toast and get lost in tonight / and make it all light up," Drake sings on the chorus.


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