Lady Gaga Is 'Devil Spawn' in Westboro Baptist Church 'Telephone' Parody

Lady Gaga

The Westboro Baptist Church's Megan Phelps-Roper is targeting Lady Gaga with another song parody, this time with an incendiary version of "Telephone" called "Ever Burn" that says the pop star is destined for hell.

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On "Ever Burn," Phelps-Roper -- granddaughter of the Westboro Baptist Church's Reverend Fred Phelps -- flips the chorus of "Telephone" to insult Gaga. "Stop praying, stop praying, God will not hear you anymore/You taught the boys and the girls to be proud whores," she sings over an instrumental version of track.

"Go devil spawn, you just keep pushin' on to the hell where you will forever burn," she continues.

This is the Westboro Baptist church's second time parodying Lady Gaga this year. Back in January, the Kansas congregation announced plans to stage a "God Hates Lady Gaga" protest at the singer's concert in St. Louis, Mo., but instead released a version of "Poker Face" with lyrics like, "Show your filth to everybody" and, "You pissed off God, you'll see what he's got."

Listen to the Westboro Baptist Church's "Telephone" parody at Phelps-Roper's Tumblr page.