Country's Martina McBride Collaborates With Rapper T.I., Kid Rock

Following their duet at the CMA Music Festival last year, it isn't surprising to hear Martina McBride and Kid Rock on a track together. What is a shocker is that the two sing the song along one of rap music's heavyweights: T.I.

Martina McBride discusses her collaboration with T.I., Kid Rock.

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"I just recorded a song with Kid Rock for his new album. It seems like an odd pairing, but I love that he sees the real redneck in me," McBride said during Billboard's Country Music Summit this week. "There's a rapper called T.I. who raps the third verse. Kid Rock sings the first verse, I sing the second verse and T.I. raps the third verse. Crazy, but it's really uplifting and it's a cool melody and it feels good. It makes sense. If I was rapping the third verse, that would not make sense."

Although no more details were revealed about the track, McBride says she's excited about the collaboration. "With Kid Rock, I sang a duet with him at the CMA Music Festival last year," she recalls. "He had said he would write a song for us to do for his new album, and he's true to his word. He sent it to me and I just loved it. It's an uplifting song, has great lyrics and he's such a huge country music fan. It's exciting."

In related news, McBride will perform at the 2010 Nebraska State Fair on Sept. 5 at the Heartland Events Center.

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