Lil Nas X Addresses His ‘SNL’ Wardrobe Malfunction

Saturday Night Live has provided countless laughs over the decades. Last weekend, Lil Nas X was very nearly the butt of all the jokes.

The Georgia-raised rap star had a wardrobe malfunction while performing “Montero (Call Me By Your Name),” one that very nearly gave the world a Lil Nas X-rated moment.

“I was going down the pole doing my sexy drop down and -- boom -- I feel air. There’s definitely a breeze going on,” he recounted on Monday night’s episode of The Tonight Show. “And I also felt some popping happening…I was like, please don’t be on TV already.”

Of course, the “Live” in “Saturday Night Live” isn’t just for effect.

For the untrained eye, it was all part of a provocative performance. Nope. Chalk it up as a fine recovery from a moment we’ve all had nightmares about. “If you listen carefully,” he recounts, “you can probably hear the rip.”

The whole situation wasn’t a set-up, a publicity stunt, he insists. “I would never rip my pants in public, on purpose,” he tells Jimmy Fallon and guest co-host Dave Grohl.

Ripping his trousers wasn’t the only drama in a testing weekend. After two solid weeks of rehearsals, one of his dancers came down with COVID-19. The dominos fell and with just 24-hours until showtime, a new team had to be brought in. “It was really scary,” he explains.

Lil Nas X also used his late-night TV spot to talk up his debut album Montero, which is due out this summer and will feature the chart-topping title track. “This is my entire life,” he enthuses. “It’s honest, its 100% me.”

On it, “I’m exploring my sexuality, myself, it’s like a coming of age story, my heart breaks. There’s been a lot of those in the past couple of years.”

There’s been of a lot hits in the past couple of years, too. "Old Town Road" is now recognized as the longest-leading No. 1 single in Hot 100 history, with an unprecedented 19 weeks on top.

His latest hit, “Montero (Call Me By Your Name)” bowed at No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 and led the Billboard Global 200 chart. The forthcoming album, he insists “is something everybody can vibe along to.”

Watch the interview below.