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Top 20 Tweets of the Week: 6/26/2010

Here's our round-up of singers', rockers' and rappers' 20 coolest and funniest tweets from the past seven days. Be sure to tag @billboarddotcom to your favorite music retweets (and don't forget to follow us!)

@JustinBieber: 1 year ago 2day we lost the greatest entertainer that was and will ever be...Michael Jackson...he will be missed but never forgotten. RIP MJ
@LadyGaga: Love my whiskey hangover+angry texts from my best friend who barely remembers her bday. DONT PUT ME IN CHARGE IF U DONT WANT IT DONE RIGHT
@ChrisBrown: An eye for an eye only ends up making the whole world blind. "Gandhi"
@LindsayLohan: Can't paparazzi just disappear for one night? Just so I don't have severe anxiety? Its like, one night off- like work days and weekends!!!!
@NickJonas : I woke up today and realized... Time flies very quickly... When you're living the dream.
@PerezHilton : Dang! @JustinBieber's dad is hot!!!! Shirtless pics HERE
@AliciaKeys: Look, this is my kindergarten teacher! She's the first person that gave me the chance to sing!! Love her! Awwww!!!!
@Anberlin : @drakkardnoir lets collaborate.
@IHateGame (The Game): #honestyhour I think Nycki Minaj might get Lil Kim' inna scrap.
@KatyPerry : Thinking about getting a candy cane walker made for this performance coming up... I will be expecting YOU to dance for me, okay?! Oy vey...
@Keshasuxx (Ke$ha): OKOKOKOK so whos the one who found out tik tok was written about star trek?
@TheTeganandSara : Not being verified on twitter a year after applying is like not being engaged after 10 years of dating. I mean... pop the question already.
@AsherRoth : By the way.... if this oil spill isn't the scariest thing in the world then I don't know what is.
@TheRealEve (Eve): Album coming soooon!
@diplo : Soundchecking on a boat in a swamp in Cambodia
@JoellOrtiz : kid rock is realer than the realest rapper
@RevRunWisdom (Rev Run): Be careful who u idolize,, jus becuz an entertainer has talent doesn't mean they have integrity & character
@JayElectronica: The last time I saw my dad, I was 8. He was drunk and speaking to me in only spanish. He gave me a shotgun shell and a seashell. I miss him.
@NellyFurtado : Ok is it just me or is B.O.B. Totally reminding me of the best 90's urb in the best possible way.. Yay
@questlove (The Roots' ?uestlove): wait....@billboarddotcom now has charts for tweets? muahahahahahahahahahah
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