VV Brown Parlays 'Shark' Single Into Maroon 5 Opening Gig

VV Brown Parlays 'Shark' Single Into Maroon 5 Opening Gig

VV Brown is getting ready for a four-week stint supporting Maroon 5 that will be her most extensive North American tour yet. But the British songstress has greater ambitions for her live show that she hopes to achieve sooner rather than later.

"My dream is to do a show that is kind of a play," Brown, who hits the road on Aug. 5, tells Billboard.com. "It will include dialogue and a story, and my songs are incorporated in the story so when people come to the show they're not just getting a collection of songs back to back -- they're actually getting a theatrical experience about someone's life and a narrative mixed with songs that they can sing along to. I don't know that it's ever been done like that before. I'd probably like to get collaborative with someone like Andrew Lloyd Webber."

Brown -- whose debut album, "Travelling Like the Light," came out in July of 2009 in the U.K. and this past February in the U.S. -- says she envisions a "residency" for the piece (not unlike Celine Dion's in Las Vegas) rather than a tour. "Of course, I have to get a lot bigger if that's going to happen," Brown notes.

Until then, Brown says he's looking forward to getting beyond the coasts of the U.S., where she's performed so far, and spreading her music into the heartland. "We've had some good luck to have a bit of radio play with Top 40 and Hot AC" with "Shark in the Water," she says. "So I'm hoping there will be some kind of connection. And if not, if we do enter a town where perhaps we're not as known, I hope they'll just enjoy it as a first-time experience."

Brown and her label, Capitol, are currently deciding what to release as a second single. Some existing album tracks are being considered, she says, but so is a brand new song that will be titled either "Sleeping With the Enemy" or "Serial Heartbreaker," which Brown describes as "a little bit more evolved. It still resembles 'Shark' but is moving away from retro sounds and into much more contemporary sounds." If the new track is chosen, Brown says it will be appended digitally to "Travelling Like the Light" and will also be previewed on tour.

Meanwhile, Brown is "dying to start my second album" and hopes to get some concentrated writing time in after her North American visit ends on Sept. 4, with her eye on a U.K. release in the spring of 2011 and a U.S. release shortly after in the summer.

"I've been living with ('Travelling Like the Light') for nearly three and a half years," she explains. "I was a different person. Now I'm much more mature and knowledged about everything, and who I am. I think this second album is going to be an album of questions. It won't be about love and heartache and that kind of stuff. I think it's going to be poetic and ask questions I have about the world -- that's if my record company doesn't get nervous about it. It doesn't sound very Top 40, does it?"