Weezer Rock Out on ‘Van Weezer’: Stream It Now

Brendan Walter


Weezer has never been accused of following the crowd.  Whether they're covering Toto classics, appearing in The Simpsons, hitting songs about "hash pipes" or randomly dropping 2,655 unreleased demos, Rivers Cuomo and Co. constantly remind us to expect the unexpected.

Last year was meant to yield Van Weezer, a big riff rock record. Instead, we got the pandemic no one wanted.

No problem. The rockers mixed it up and dropped OK Human in January. And today -- finally -- sees Van Weezer arrive on digital music platforms.

Three years in the making, Van Weezer features the previously released tracks "Hero," "The End of the Game" and "I Need Some of That" and is the California band’s 15th album.

The “Van” in Van Weezer is a homage to the late, great Van Halen guitarist Eddie Van Valen, who passed away Oct. 6, 2020 after a battle with cancer.

Stream Van Weezer below.